Signage and sign plan for Southwark and Blythe IOG platforms by Blomsma Signs & Safety

Signage and sign plan for Southwark and Blythe IOG platforms

HSM Offshore has awarded Blomsma Signs & Safety the contract to realise the safety signage on two IOG PLC gas production platforms, ‘Southwark’ and ‘Blythe’, based on a pre-engineered sign plan.

About the Southwark and Blythe platforms
With Independent Oil and Gas PLC (IOG PLC) as the end customer, both (normally unmanned) platforms will be built by HSM Offshore and then get their workplace in the English part of the southern North Sea. Both platforms are named after the similarly named Southwark and Blythe gas fields and can be described as automated offshore gas platforms that are remotely controlled.

Even though the gas production platforms are not continuously manned, Health, Safety and Environment are of course a top priority at IOG PLC, as evidenced by the ambition to be ‘compliant’ with all applicable HSE standards and laws and thus ensure a safe workplace.

The project awarded to Blomsma for the implementation of safety signage based on a sign plan is a direct, visual, translation of this ambition of IOG PLC.

Scope of the project
On the basis of a sign plan drawn up by our engineers, Blomsma will apply safety signage on both platforms. We will be equipping the gas production platforms with a complete safety signage system, including escape route signage, fire prevention and rescue equipment signage.

In addition to project engineering and management, Blomsma is also taking care of the production of the signage, on-site installation, quality control and giving HSM Offshore as constructor and IOG PLC as operator of the platforms, the assurance that the signage is in accordance with the currently applicable legislation and (ISO) standards.


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