Project overview Engineer
Client: STORAG ETZEL Björn Freese
Location: Germany
Scope: Engineering, production, draftwork and installation
Market: Oil and Gas Midstream, Underground Gas Storage
Year: Since 2015
Engineer: Björn Freese

STORAG ETZEL is the largest independent supplier of underground storage facilities in Germany. It operates 75 gas and oil storage caverns with a total capacity of approximately 46 million m3.

In 2015, Blomsma Signs & Safety started consultancy work and the application of safety signage for the newly constructed Absorption Unit. A great deal of attention was paid in this project to the visual side of safety : Safety Signage. This applied from the safety signage relating to process technology such as pipe markings through to signs for the escape routes and firefighting equipment and so forth. The signage system that was realized resulted in further phases for various storage caverns, distribution sites and other installations.

Because we offer projects as a complete service, we can make recommendations as the basis for implementing and managing the entire spectrum of safety signage for STORAG ETZEL. Installation is done professionally by our Blomsma 3M™ Certified Safety Sign Installers™ so that all the relevant 3M™ product guarantees are assured.

Blomsma realized the following items for various sites:

  • signage plans
  • escape route signage
  • firefighting and rescue equipment signage
  • multiple signs (hazard, prohibition and mandatory actions)
  • marking of tanks and vessels
  • pipe marking according to DIN 2403
  • impression signs for explosion hazard areas
  • process identification