Anti-slip stair tread panels

Blomsma Signs & Safety offers a complete range of anti-slip stair tread panels. Anti-slip panels are mounted on stair treads and provide the entire step with an anti-slip surface. There is a wide selection of base materials available for covering steps with anti-slip stair tread panels. These include stainless or galvanized steel, fiberglass reinforced polyester and vinyl (flexible PVC) covers. They are resistant to corrosion, UV and heat and have a tough, granular surface bonded to the backing by a patented process. Stair panels improve grip and visibility on steps, minimizing the risk of incidents when using stairs. In addition, stair panels can be provided with text and symbols and a contrasting color for marking the end of each stair step, the stair nose.

The stair tread panels are applied to wooden, stone and concrete stairs, where a mechanical or glued connection is possible. On steel stair treads with a grid, fixing clips are available to mount the panels. Stair tread panels can be made flat, or with an angled nose. Various colors and color combinations are available, texts and logos can be integrated if required.

When using stairs it is recommended to keep a hand on railing, see also our hand on railing panels.

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