Offshore Wind Turbine Signs and Markings

Offshore Wind Turbines consist of a turbine, a mast and a foundation. This foundation is usually a combination of a monopile and a Transition Piece (TP). The foundation can also be a floater. Blomsma Signs & Safety is a specialist in offshore wind turbine signage and markings. The turbines and foundations are provided with markings to identify the object. In addition to object identification, the monopiles and floaters are also provided with dimension marks, safety symbols and other markings. To realize these signs and markings, high-quality foils, signs and installation materials have been developed for use in the harsh and extreme offshore conditions.

Offshore Wind Turbine signage and markings

Transition Piece identification signs

The Transition Piece is the vital link in the entire construction and is also the access point for maintenance. The markings are applied to the Transition Piece to identify the respective turbine; the wind turbine identification sign or Transition Piece identification sign. Safety symbols shall be affixed to indicate general hazards, prohibitions and commandments in a format that can be clearly identified when approaching a ship. These markings are exposed to extreme weather influences. In collaboration with 3M, Blomsma has developed a complete range of high visibility foils (3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ prismatic reflection foil) and signs with high UV-inhibiting properties for offshore wind turbine signage and markings.

Complete and Compliant

We apply the experience from the maritime and offshore sector for solutions that comply with legislation and regulations. Our products are made to last, and to remain visible for a long time. With a team of specialist engineers and 3M™ Certified Sign Installers™, we ensure a permanently visible result. The implementation of signage for the offshore Wind Turbines can be perfectly combined with the application of anti-slip foils, anti-slip panels and illuminated escape route guidance systems. Blomsma has a complete and compliant package for Offshore Wind Turbine signs and markings.

Offshore Wind Turbine signage by Blomsma Signs & Safety