Fire fighting & rescue equipment signage

What is fire fighting and rescue equipment signage?

Fire fighting and rescue equipment signage are components of a safety signage system that consist of permanent visual markings that indicate the location of the relevant safety equipment. Life-saving appliances and fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, emergency buttons and fire blankets must be clearly visible and identifiable. Adequate signage in a uniform style is the appropriate means of achieving this.

The primary means used to mark these means are signs with safety symbols in accordance with ISO 7010 – Safety Colours and Signs – Registered Safety Signs. The ISO 7010 is a harmonized standard that promotes the recognition of symbols internationally; Standardization. In combination with contour markings (according to ISO 3864), an additional accent can even be given to the signage.

Fire fighting and rescue equipment signage is used to mark fire extinguishing equipment (fire extinguishers, hose reels), hand fire alarms, first aid equipment, emergency stops and rescue equipment.

“The purpose of safety colours and safety signs is to draw attention rapidly to objects and situations affecting safety and health and to gain rapid understanding of a specific message” – ISO 3864-1:2011

More about ISO3864-1:2011

Why good signage is crucial

Conspicuously marked fire extinguishers, fire alarms and rescue equipment are important in the event of an emergency. But clear identification is also very important from a preventive point of view. Because people observe the signs in normal working or visiting situations, they can store these locations and resources in their memory. At the moment of an emergency they know, even under stress, how to act immediately because they know how to find the extinguishers, detectors and rescue equipment quickly.

The minimum reading distance is the yardstick for determining the size of the markings. In combination with signs that increase visibility through shape (flat, perpendicular, panoramic) and light technical properties such as phosphorescent (afterglow) materials for indoors and retro-reflective materials for outdoors, an optimal signage system is achieved. The manner and position of placement in combination with the appropriate use of materials is crucial to ensure effectiveness, added value to safety and investment.

Fire fighting & rescue equipment signage by Blomsma Signs & Safety

Our services and products

Our clients do not only consider signage as an obligation resulting from legislation or regulations. This elementary part of safety signage is part of the safety policy, and a means of communication. This signage must be trusted. Blomsma Signs & Safety signs provide this quality, our signs provide functionality, our signs provide confidence.

We supply and implement fire fighting signage means signalling, from advice to the use of laws and regulations, material use and placement. We provide Quick scans, inventories, produce signage plans, produce, assemble and maintain fire fighting and rescue equipment signage. As an integrated specialist, we can also directly link to the management and manufacture of related subjects such as evacuation plans and safety drawings.

  • Consultancy
  • Production and delivery
  • Total and partial projects
  • Assembly and maintenance
  • Inventory and sign plan
  • Compliance scans

Your situation

Are you developing a (new-build) project? Or are the fire fighting and rescue equipment at your location not sufficiently marked? Perhaps you want to know if your current markings meet the applicable laws and regulations? Then contact us for appropriate advice, an indication or a quick scan of your situation. We can improve your signage and bring it in line with laws and regulations.

Fire fighting & rescue equipment signage by Blomsma Signs & Safety