Wheelhouse Sunroof Marking

What is wheelhouse Sunroof Marking

Wheelhouse Sunroof Marking is a fluorescent orange marking on the sun canopy of a ship’s wheelhouse. Orange tires were introduced for all ferries across the canal in the late 1960s after accidents had occurred. The objective of the orange band was to be able to clearly identify and distinguish ships crossing canals from regular shipping traffic. The orange sun canopy markings are now mainly used on dredgers and construction vessels which operate stationary and the belt serves as a navigation aid for emerging ships.

High Visibility

The Wheelhouse Sunroof Marking is characterized by extremely high visibility due to the use of fluorescence and the color orange (red-orange & yellow-orange). We only use 3M™ Scotchcall™ Fluorescent Films for the realization of these fluorescent markings. These films are characterized by their reliable adhesion to various substrates. The orange color has proven to be the most visible and contrasting color at sea. The color orange is therefore used for lifeboats and lifebuoys.

Aesthetic aspects

With the current navigation techniques and instruments for shipping and offshore installations, applying this marking for identification is not always the primary reason. For many dredging companies and ferry companies, this type of marking has a nostalgic, aesthetic aspect as well as a nostalgic aspect. The effect of the orange band on the wheelhouse immediately conveys a feeling, a connection to the maritime world.


Blomsma Signs & Safety realizes the application of this Wheelhouse Sunroof Marking according to 3M application methods and exclusively with 3M materials. Due to the accessibility of the sun canopy of a wheelhouse, it is common for these activities to take place along the quay or during dock periods at shipbuilding and repair yards. In addition to the 3M™ Scotchcall™ Fluorescent films, we also supply 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ Reflective films.