Process identification

Process tag markings

Clarity is essential for making sure a location is safe and for preventing faults. Every item that contributes to a process will be given a tag or label with a number and a code. All parts of process systems can be given tag markings. This could include small valves and shut-off valves, for example, as well as large containers or pumps. Codes are based on the machine type, pump number or vessel number as described in the process.

Specific codes

Process tagging can be done using all kinds of signage methods and various types of materials such as printed stickers, plastic or stainless steel plates, engraved plates, etc. The tag provides additional information about the marked item, thereby providing keyword-based classification and indexation options.

Barcode tagging

Tagging can be done not only by allocating codes but also by combining those codes with barcodes that can be scanned. Scanning the code makes it possible to link it to e.g. a maintenance system or other database system. Barcode tagging is being used more and more in process identification.

Pipeline numbering

Pipelines can be physically identified in relation to their position in a process. Pipeline numbering covers both actually placing a number on the line and including the line number in the drawings. Pipeline numbering can be a supplement to the pipe markings required by law.