Blomsma Signs & Safety to ‘sign’ Stena Don

Blomsma Signs & Safety is contracted by Stena Drilling Limited to upgrade the Safety Signage on the Stena Don to applicable laws and standards.

Prior to this project Blomsma Signs & Safety conducted a study onboard the Stena Don on the current state of the existing Safety Signage and issued an improvement advice. Our advice is recorded in a sign plan, which is also mentioned in Norsok regulations. The sign plan provides insight into the scope, and acts as a future maintenance document. This method facilitates sign-management.

The scope of the project includes replacing the escape route guidance systems, escape route signs and firefighting and rescue signage. Also, a selection of multiple signs which displays hazards, mandatory actions and prohibitions placed shall be installed. To ensure a complete escape route system, the evacuation plans will be updated and so-called ‘Cabin Safety Instructions’ will be manufactured and placed.

A fully trained and experienced Blomsma Signs & Safety team will perform the work offshore Norway.

The Stena Don is a harsh environment dynamically positioned Class 3 semi-submersible drilling, completion and workover vessel for worldwide operations. The Stena Don has a capability for a water depth up to 500 meters.

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