Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam

Project overview Engineer
Client: Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam (OTR) Timon Keus
Location: Netherlands, Rotterdam
Scope: Safety signage, overview boards (including 3D)
Market: Industry & Chemicals
Year: From 2015
Engineer: Timon Keus

Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam (OTR) is one of the major players on the European independent third-party large tank storage market. The activities depend on the wishes of its customers, who can hire one or more tanks or have products distilled on request. OTR stores numerous different products such as minerals, chemicals, acids and bases. All in all, OTR is a highly dynamic terminal with a lot of logistical movements by ship, train, truck and pipeline.

The products in various tanks change regularly, which demands a pragmatic signage method: applying the legally required safety signage (including tank markings) must be as quick and simple as the changes to the content of the storage tank.

After making an inventory of OTR’s wish list, Blomsma submitted a proposal for placing overview boards next to all the tank pits showing a 3D impression of the tank pit, the EX zones present and a swappable element for each tank, associated with the product stored in the tank at that time. The overview boards are at the side of the roads around the tank pit in question, so that an operator can apply and/or remove the swappable elements when carrying out the checks on the operations performed. The overview boards are part of the overall health and safety signage project.

Blomsma Signs & Safety is realising the following components for OTR: