Safety plans

Safety plans for emergency response teams

Whereas escape and evacuation plans are intended for the users of a building, safety plan drawings are important for the emergency services and for preventive purposes. Safety plans contain more information than escape and evacuation plans! For example, they may give details of tank locations, tank capacity, main escape routes, location of fire-fighting equipment with additional information, access routes for the emergency services, positions of hydrants and connections for fire-extinguishing water, storage of hazardous substances, etc. The information given on safety plans is often linked to a fire brigade plan of approach or the occupancy permits of a company.

Based on the construction

Plan drawings are based on construction drawings as far as possible. This means that Blomsma Signs & Safety builds up all its drawings in layers. As a result, not only the safety plans and evacuation plans but also side views and site overviews will have a uniform appearance.

Supplementary to existing drawings

Where relevant, we also provide any supplements to existing safety drawings that may be required by inspection agencies. We aim to make complete sets of new and existing drawings. Our experience and expertise are focused on delivering a total package.